Cider Press

We have a variety of different cider press styles from Jaffrey Manufacturing and Weston Products USA, so we are sure to what you are looking for. Pressing apples to make homemade apple cider is fun for the whole family. Apples are a healthy snack and homemade apple cider is not only delicious, but is packed with vitamins as well. Apples are fat free and are a great source of fiber. Apples must be crushed or ground-up into pomace prior to pressing. If you are ordering a ratchet sytle fruit press, such as the Weston, you will also need to buy a grinder if you are pressing apples. You can create your own unique blend of cider or juice by mixing different varieties of apples. In fact, both fresh and hard apple cider is usually best when using a blend of apple varieties. Enjoy!