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The Fruit Press is the place to find & buy Cider and Wine Presses. We are dedicated to bring you quality products that promote a healthy lifestyle and can be enjoyed with both family and friends.

Cider & Wine Presses

The Fruit Press carries a variety of cider and wine presses to fit any budget. If you are looking to buy a cider or wine press, then look no further. We pride ourselves on selling only quality fruit presses at the lowest prices. We have a variety of different cider and wine press styles to choose from. Whether you are making fresh or hard cider, or homemade wines The Fruit Press is sure to have what you're looking for.

We have an excellent line of fruit grinders available if you already own your own apple press. The apple grinders are only necessary if you are pressing apples or other hard fruits, there is no need for a grape crusher using the wine presses we sell. We also have all of the accessories you will need to have a succesful cider pressing such as; nylon replacement bags, books on cider making, hardware kits, and more. Thank you for visiting with us, we hope you will find something enjoyable!